Amazing Tactical Pens to Suit Your Needs

Good pens are not always enough; you often need to buy tactical pen so as to fulfill umpteen needs apart from writing. Such pens can be of various kinds and types. When you look out for a tactical pen Canada you would be surprised to see the high quality pens that are there on offer at our online store here at Camouflage.Free shipping on orders over $200.

Tactical Pens

Best Quality Tactical Pen

The best tactical pen would be the one that would be great from all aspects. It would fulfill multiple purposes and be your companion wherever you go. While looking for tactical pen online, you would find various product types that bear interesting features and you have to choose the best one according to your requirements.

This pen can easily fit's in your pocket like an ordinary pen and will become a part of your daily routine on the job and off. Such a pocket size pen is lightweight and easy to carry. Again some other products are noted for their hardened steel point. By virtue of your job, if you are required to get inside a vehicle very quickly, having this kind of a tool along with you would be very important. It is designed so as to shatter auto glass on its contact. The window punch that is 5" long has a very hardened steel point so as to facilitate fast entry. That means if you are in your vehicle or responding to a call in the field, it is an easy to use tactical pen making it a part of your routine equipment.

Amazing Deals Available With Us

Many of the tactical pens for sale have their own sets of features that would always amaze you along with the great prices we offer. Some notable features found in different models of high quality pens are:

  • You would find a DNA catcher at the top of the pen
  • Tactical writing instrument
  • Glass breaker for home or auto
  • Certain tactical pen Canada is made of aircraft aluminum
  • The refills used is some pens are standard Parker and Fisher space pen ones
  • Some can be twisted to open and close
  • It comes with One year manufacture warranty
  • steel diamond dust coated rod that is 3.11"420C
  • Bears holder with pocket clip
  • Length being 5"
  • Weightis very light
  • The steel point in some is hardened for offering proven punching power
  • Pocket size self defense tool


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