BB Pistols

Shop for top quality BB pistols online. Camouflage is the one stop destination for all types of quality BB pistol, full metal airguns, and pretty much any kind of BB gun with snappy blowback action that shoot and feel like real guns! We carry all sorts of awesome brands such as Umarex, KWC Guns, ASG, and many more. Explore our range of 4.5mm caliber pistols, including 1911 models. Choose the best in semi-automatic guns and full-automatic guns. These BB pistols will perform at their best for safety or recreation and serve you well. Get Free shipping on orders over $200.


Your Gun's Best Friend

Any shooter understands the importance of good quality ammunition. In the case of a pellet gun, it's the pellets which complement the gun or the pistol. While a good stock of pellets will enhance your shooting skill, the inferior ones can drastically reduce the perfection. Therefore, when you are buying air gun ammo, it is always advisable to get it from a reliable manufacturer.

The Best Features

Because pellets and air guns go hand in hand, there is no scope for compromise when you choose the ammunition. Here are some of the features of the best bb ammo:

- A smooth, polished surface, which not only makes it good looking, but also enhances its performance.
- No ridges or imperfections, so they don't split, and travel faster through the air.
- Compatible with most BB guns.
- Well calibrated.

Camouflage is in the business of making ammunitions and guns for a long time, and knows every single detail about manufacturing steel ammo. We choose the raw material with utmost care, and follow the strictest quality guidelines in manufacturing them, to give you the very best.

Care for the Environment

These pellets are environment friendly too, as they degrade fairly soon after use. So you can do your shooting practice or enjoy the sport without a heavy guilt feeling. Therefore, when you look for bb ammo online, remember to procure it from a supplier who will help you get the best environment friendly pellets for your air gun.