24/7 Plastic Pouch

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24/7 Plastic Pouch


Alternative of any Beretta Px4; H&K P30; H&K USP Compact (9/40); Ruger SR9; Steyr M Series; S&W Sigma; Taurus 24/7 Magazine;
Make of durable,high-tech black polymer materials;
Paddle design securely slides on to pants waist or belt;
Comfortable Contoured Paddle part with soft silicon materials;
Fully adjustable for cant by included Allen key;
Rotates 360 degrees for every application (small of back, cross draw);
Retention with zero time to disengage magazine;
The Pouch Easy to draw your magazine;
The Mag Pouch Suitable for civilians,bodyguard,off duty polices & military personnel;
Matchable tactical pistol holster and belt loop accessories are available.


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