33'' Manganese Scimitar Sword w/Sheath

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Suitable for historical fencings, like a western-eastern fight! The blade is 51crv4 steel hardened in factory heat treatment to 50 HRC. This saber is very well balanced, and allow it to hit fastly during historical fighting during reconstruction events.


Overall Length: 33”

Blade Length: 24”

Hilt Length: 6”

Weight: 3.74 lb

Features :

The ricasso edge of this slightly sharp Manganese steel blade is nigh unbreakable, proving to be tough and durable in all weather

The tough leather protects the blade in all environments

Incredibly tough and featuring a full tang, brush clearing has never been easier


Blade Style:Scimitar
Knife Edge:Plain Edge
Handle Length:7"
Mechanism:Fixed Blade
Blade Length:26 inch
Hand Use:Ambidextrous

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