4-Pack 6 Inch Chemicals Lightsticks

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Made entirely in USA, this pack of chemical lightsticks is made of heavy duty nylon material. These 4 pack 6 chemical lightsticks come with adjustable belt and feature metal waist adjusters and plastic side release buckle. These lightsticks can be activated by bending the plastic stick to break the glass vial. Chemicals in the plastic tube then mix with the chemicals in the glass and the resultant reaction lights up the stick. This four pack chemical light stick is made of highest quality materials and can be used to light up areas while on outdoor trips. These sticks are also used by the police and by security personnel.


Material Specs: Composition of the glow fluid: a. Buthyl Benzoate: 45.55%, b. CPPO/BIS(2CARBOPENTYLOX-3,5,6-TRICHLOROPHENYL) OXALATE]:10% c. DMP/DIMETHYL PHTHALAT


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