5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical Womens Shockwave Short

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When it's hot outside, try the Women's Shockwave Shorts and enjoy the day. Made from durable, lightweight four-way stretch polyester/spandex fabric, these shorts are quick-drying and ultra-comfortable. Featuring a flexible waistband for an easy fit, a full running gusset for superior movement, and belt loops and tactical pockets for your belt, holster, and magazines, these shorts are perfect for the range, training, or just regular casual wear.


Lightweight, durable tactical walking shorts
Belt loops and pockets for holsters and magazines
Ideal for the range and recreation
Four-way mechanical stretch polyester/spandex fabric
Flexible waistband
Full running gusset
Hand pockets
AR magazine pockets
Belt loops
6 inch inseam

SpecificationBlack, Waist 0Coyote, Waist 0Kangaroo, Waist 2Tundra, Waist 0Black, Waist 2Coyote, Waist 2Kangaroo, Waist 4Tundra, Waist 2Black, Waist 4Coyote, Waist 4Kangaroo, Waist 6Tundra, Waist 4Black, Waist 6Coyote, Waist 6Kangaroo, Waist 8Tundra, Waist 6Black, Waist 8Coyote, Waist 8Kangaroo, Waist 10Tundra, Waist 8Black, Waist 10Coyote, Waist 10Kangaroo, Waist 12Tundra, Waist 10Black, Waist 12Coyote, Waist 12Kangaroo, Waist 14Tundra, Waist 12Black, Waist 14Coyote, Waist 14Kangaroo, Waist 16Tundra, Waist 14Black, Waist 16Coyote, Waist 16Tundra, Waist 16Black, Waist 18Coyote, Waist 18Tundra, Waist 18Black, Waist 20Coyote, Waist 20Tundra, Waist 20
Size:Waist 0Waist 0Waist 2Waist 0Waist 2Waist 2Waist 4Waist 2Waist 4Waist 4Waist 6Waist 4Waist 6Waist 6Waist 8Waist 6Waist 8Waist 8Waist 10Waist 8Waist 10Waist 10Waist 12Waist 10Waist 12Waist 12Waist 14Waist 12Waist 14Waist 14Waist 16Waist 14Waist 16Waist 16Waist 16Waist 18Waist 18Waist 18Waist 20Waist 20Waist 20

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