5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical Womens Triumph Short

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Go ahead, run, climb and kick your way through the day. The Triumph Short is engineered with the same durability and utility you demand from a 5.11 tactical pant. The Triumph is mission-ready, with AR magazine pockets at the back yoke. But of course, comfort is key, so we included elastic panels in the 7-belt loop waistband, plus a running gusset for maximum range of motion when you need it. Even the pockets are lined with bi-stretch fabric and the Microsand finish is soft to the touch and easy to wear. Whether you're tracking or backpacking, go for the Triumph for the win.


Cotton / polyester / elastane stretch sateen with Microsand finish
Flexible comfort waistband with elastic panels and 7 belt loops
Notched side vents at hem
Extra wide belt loop at center back
10 stitches per inch at seams and extra heavy 5-thread construction
Non-raveling lock stitch top stitching
Bartacked fly, gusset point, belt loops and pocket openings

SpecificationBlack, Waist 0Khaki, Waist 0Blush, Waist 0Grenade, Waist 0Black, Waist 2Khaki, Waist 2Blush, Waist 2Grenade, Waist 2Black, Waist 4Khaki, Waist 4Blush, Waist 4Grenade, Waist 4Black, Waist 6Khaki, Waist 6Blush, Waist 6Grenade, Waist 6Black, Waist 8Khaki, Waist 8Blush, Waist 8Grenade, Waist 8Black, Waist 10Khaki, Waist 10Blush, Waist 10Grenade, Waist 10Black, Waist 12Khaki, Waist 12Blush, Waist 12Grenade, Waist 12Black, Waist 14Khaki, Waist 14Blush, Waist 14Grenade, Waist 14Black, Waist 16Khaki, Waist 16Blush, Waist 16Grenade, Waist 16Black, Waist 18Khaki, Waist 18Blush, Waist 18Grenade, Waist 18Black, Waist 20Khaki, Waist 20Blush, Waist 20Grenade, Waist 20
Size:Waist 0Waist 0Waist 0Waist 0Waist 2Waist 2Waist 2Waist 2Waist 4Waist 4Waist 4Waist 4Waist 6Waist 6Waist 6Waist 6Waist 8Waist 8Waist 8Waist 8Waist 10Waist 10Waist 10Waist 10Waist 12Waist 12Waist 12Waist 12Waist 14Waist 14Waist 14Waist 14Waist 16Waist 16Waist 16Waist 16Waist 18Waist 18Waist 18Waist 18Waist 20Waist 20Waist 20Waist 20

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