50g Bodyguard Flip Top Pepper Spray

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Brand: BodyGuard

Protect yourself from canine attacks with this extra-large 50g Bodyguard Flip Top Pepper Spray. The canister has a protective cover and an easy-access actuator button. The formula contains 0.50% Capsaicin and 0.36% related major capsaicinoids for a total strength of 0.86%, the highest concentration allowed in Canada.

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Awesome product! Don’t delay get some today

I’ve gone through a few cans of this in a small town in BC, while hiking. So far I’ve sprayed fifteen deer, and seven dogs. Today I was repeatedly attacked by a Pit Bull Terrier. The spray flows out like a stream accurately to the target within twenty feet. It won’t blow back with the wind. Once again I was able to turn an attack around instantly with no injuries to myself or the attacking canine. After you buy it keep it handy when you’re out and about, and as they say in this hick town, “don’t let your guard down!” Time to refill my order, thanks Camouflage!

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