8.4v 3800mAh Large Flat Style Battery

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Brand: Tenergy

Made of high quality matched NiMH Sub C size cells.
Compatible with AirSoft electric guns:MP5SD5, G3SD1, M16VN, FAMASF1, M1AI,KNIGHTS SR16, MP5A4, G3A3, AK47, ASSV, and PSG1,ERA001, ERA003, EROA001, EROA004, EROA005, ERAU001, SDGE0501F2, SDGE0508F2 AEGs, and more..
Advanced NiMH battery technology, no battery memory effect.
Easy operation, battery can be charged anytime without the need to fully discharge.

Charger sold separately: TEN01026, TEN01025, PAL1035, VB1015


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