Ultra Force 80mm Locking Accessory Olive Drab Carabiner

Availability: Item is Discontinued

manufactures 80mm Locking Accessory Carabiner from high strength aluminum alloy. It is strong and durable. The size of the carabiner is 80mm. The color adds classiness to the accessory. It has a polished sheen finish which gives an exclusive look to this locking accessory. As it is made from aluminum alloy, it is strong enough. It is specifically made for rugged use. This 80mm Locking Accessory Coyote Carabiner is not meant for climbing purpose or rescue operations. It can be used outdoors for any other purpose. It has proper locking facility which is strong. Only one piece is available with each header card.


Material: Aluminum
Material Specs: aluminum
No. In Master Carton: 300
Dimensions: 80mm
Product Origin: CHN


Colour:Olive Drab

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