Accurate Metal Hop Up Chamber for M16/M4 Series

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Brand: Modify

Hop-up chamber and bucking mainly provide backspin to BBs as they exit barrel to increase flight duration and therefore range, whose proper adjustment can enhance trajectory.

Modify's Metallic, Hi-efficiency Hop-up chamber is designed for M16/M4 AEGs. The newly designed hop up arm is now gear driven with precision rapid, accurate adjustment without slipping. The adjustment knob has an O-ring to assure tightness to enhance stability, air-tightness of the Hop-up, also raising the efficiency of loading. The pressure point is the rigid type for speed, stability, and accuracy. 

This hop-up chamber comes with the standard hop-up arm and also a bonus one with a raised hop up the arm to offer great value for money.



  • Hop up arm are interchangeable between raised pressure point types to the stock. Gives you two hop up the arm for the price of one.
  • Redesigned hop up arm by adding an adjustment gear making accurate adjustment easier.
  • Adjustment button with O-ring to assure tightness.
  • We hardened the pressure point making the hopper more accurate and stable with faster pressurization.


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