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All-Purpose Lightweight Duty Gloves

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Glove is all you need. Especially these Lightweight All Purpose Duty Gloves. Comfortable and strong, they will hold up against heavy-duty use. Made out of polyester spandex blend and reinforced with synthetic leather thumb patches. These foliage green-coloured gloves also feature elastic cuffs and velcro closures.
SpecificationBlack, SmallFoliage, SmallOlive Drab, SmallTan, SmallBlack, MediumFoliage, MediumOlive Drab, MediumTan, MediumBlack, LargeFoliage, LargeOlive Drab, LargeTan, LargeBlack, XLargeFoliage, XLargeOlive Drab, XLargeTan, XLargeBlack, XXLargeFoliage, XXLargeOlive Drab, XXLargeTan, XXLarge
Colour:BlackFoliageOlive DrabTanBlackFoliageOlive DrabTanBlackFoliageOlive DrabTanBlackFoliageOlive DrabTanBlackFoliageOlive DrabTan

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