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Injector Flight Jacket

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If you are a guy or gal looking for a modern take on a classic military style, you'll love our Injector jacket. The Injector is a twist on the traditional B-15 bomber jacket, sharing many aspects in construction: a removable fur collar, washed flight nylon shell, and polyfill nylon lining. Our new generation Injector jacket also has many pockets — inside and out — for storage, as well as metallic rings for aesthetics/functionality. For a lightweight variation, take a look at the Richardson Flight jacket.


100% flight nylon outer flight shell and nylon lining withpolyfill
Multiple interior/exterior pockets for storage
Metallic rings for attachments
Removable faux mouton fur collar and canvas tape trim details
contrasting color lining

SpecificationBlack, SmallBrown, XSmallReplica Grey, XSmallWashed Black, XSmallYellow, XSmallBlack, MediumBrown, SmallReplica Grey, SmallWashed Black, SmallYellow, SmallBlack, LargeBrown, MediumReplica Grey, MediumWashed Black, MediumYellow, MediumBlack, XLargeBrown, LargeReplica Grey, LargeWashed Black, LargeYellow, LargeBlack, XXLargeBrown, XLargeReplica Grey, XLargeWashed Black, XLargeYellow, XLargeBlack, 3XLargeBrown, XXLargeReplica Grey, XXLargeWashed Black, XXLargeYellow, XXLargeBrown, 3XLargeReplica Grey, 3XLargeWashed Black, 3XLargeYellow, 3XLargeBrown, 4XLargeReplica Grey, 4XLargeWashed Black, 4XLargeBrown, 5XLargeReplica Grey, 5XLargeWashed Black, 5XLarge
Colour:BlackBrownReplica GreyWashed BlackYellowBlackBrownReplica GreyWashed BlackYellowBlackBrownReplica GreyWashed BlackYellowBlackBrownReplica GreyWashed BlackYellowBlackBrownReplica GreyWashed BlackYellowBlackBrownReplica GreyWashed BlackYellowBrownReplica GreyWashed BlackYellowBrownReplica GreyWashed BlackBrownReplica GreyWashed Black

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