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Alpha Womens N-2B Jacket

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If you seek a military-style jacket that can protect you against the harshest of winter conditions, look no further than the N-2B flight jacket. Made especially for women, this short-waisted parka has a 100% water-resistant nylon shell and lining and is designed to withstand sub-freezing weather. Unique 'pass thru' front pockets were created so pilots would be able to reach into their pants pockets without subjecting their hands to sub-freezing temps. For extra protection, the hood is lined and trimmed with faux fur. This women’s jacket features a zip-down hood that lays flat against the shoulders.


The N-2B has Alpha’s signature zippered utility/pencil pocket on the left sleeve.
The water-resistant ladies parka features contrast nylon lining with a polyester fill.
Knit waistband and cuffs make this snorkel parka great protection against the elements.

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