Angel Custom Thunderstorm Electric Winding M4 Drum Magazine

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The Angel Custom Thunderstorm Drum magazine represents the pinnacle of research and development in the search for a compact, reliable, high-capacity Airsoft magazine. The Thunderstorm utilizes the popular design and footprint of the Firestorm flash mag and enhances its feeding capacity and ease of use by providing a push-button electric winding motor. No longer will you have to wind your magazine in the middle of a firefight, with the Angel Custom Thunderstorm endless streams of plastic vengeance are available at the push of a button. Unlike most other high-capacity drum-style magazines on the market, the Thunderstorm is not tied to a single weapon platform. Angel Custom offers the adapters for the Thunderstorm separately, allowing for it to be used in M4/M16, AK and G36 style Airsoft AEGs, one magazine, and three different weapon types. Compact in design, lightweight in construction, and devastating in capacity, the Thunderstorm provides the ability to offer SAW-style suppressive fire without SAW size and weight.

Compatibility: M4/M16 and other compatible Airsoft AEGs
Battery: 1x 9V battery
Capacity: 1500+ rounds
Materials: DuPont polymer


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