Aquamira Tactical Water Bottle Filter

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Aquamira Tactical Water Bottle Filter.


Converts Any Water Bottle With A Straw Into A Filter Bottle (Bottle Not Included)
Easy To Use: Simply Attach To Existing Water Bottle Straw See Instructions On Packaging
Long Lasting And Economical: Filters Up To 100 Gallons
Environmentally Safe And Friendly: Reduces Waste By Re-Using Water Bottle (Equal To 400 Bottles Of “Bottled” Water)
Aquamira Filtration Technology: Tested And Certified To Remove >99.9% Of Cryptosporidium And Giardia Cysts
Activated Coconut Shell Carbon: Reduces Waterborne Chemicals, Improves Taste, And Eliminates Offensive Odors
Miraguard Antimicrobial Technology: Suppresses The Growth Of Bacteria, Algae, Fungus, Mold And Mildew Within The Filter Media
Miraguard Does Not Protect Users Against Food Borne Or Disease Causing Bacteria, Viruses, Germs Or Other Diseases Causing Organisms


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