New Website Launch! 🚀

New Website Launch! 🚀

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Welcome to the newly redesigned Camouflage website!

Here at Camouflage, we know that simple is best. Our new website layout is cleaner than ever and navigating different categories is a breeze with the handy PRODUCTS drop down menu. We opted for a more minimalist design while still improving and adding functions to make your online shopping experience as enjoyable and indulging as it is in store! 

Some of our website's new features include:

  • Filters: Narrow down what you're looking for in a category, from colours, ammo type, blade styles, or barrel length. The choice is yours.
  • Search Bar: It's big, it's up there, and it stays there. No more having to go back to the home page to search again.
  • Grouped Products: Now you can look through all different product variants on the same product page. It's easier now than ever to decide whether or not to go plain edge or combo edge for your knife, or woodlands camo or digital camo for your BDU.

In addition to our website launch, we're also excited to announce that a fifth Camouflage store will be opening up in Montreal, Quebec very soon! Make sure you're following us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates!

We hope you enjoy the new website and happy shopping!