New Year Gift-Giving Superstitions

New Year Gift-Giving Superstitions

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For decades, people are giving New Year gifts to their loved ones as a token of love. Whether the gift is small or big, it has to be given on the New Year celebration.

With time, people made it a tradition. Many countries across the globe adopted this tradition like France, Russia, Greece, Switzerland, and others.

The main concept behind the gift-giving is to greet one another with blessings and wishes on the New Year celebration.

Many famous poets, writers, and enthusiasts have said diverse things about the New Year gift-giving tradition. Like, John Camelie said, “the New Year gift-giving tradition is the best way to develop a feeling of closeness with your loved ones.”

In the same way, A.R.Johnson said, “The best time to heal up dry relations is the New Year’s Eve. Through gifts, you can show that nothing matters except your relationships.” From these sayings, you can come to know the importance of this tradition.

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  1. New Year Gift-Giving Superstitions
    • Knives And Tools
    • Opals
    • Hankies
    • Cats
    • Shoes
    • Giving And Taking Back
    • Portraits
    • Unfortunate Shades
    • Coal
    • Roses
    • Parsley
    • Metal
    • Feathers Of Peacock
  2. How To Avoid Bad Luck If You Are Superstitious?
  3. Conclusion

New Year Gift-Giving Superstitions

When you are going to give New Year gifts to your loved ones, then you have to make sure they are good. Some people assume that giving anything as a gift will work for them. Well, it is a completely wrong assumption.

A Good New Year gift is the one that sparkles the eyes of the gift-receiver. If it makes the gift-receiver worried, then it is surely not a good gift.

Gift-Giving Superstitions

Nonetheless, there are many New Year gift-giving superstitions present in the world. Some of you might not have heard of the Gift superstitions. For those people, we are here to explain the superstitions regarding gifts.

A gift superstition is a person who has a belief that is not based on knowledge or reason. However, the belief is based on the significance of the occurrence and circumstance. For example, if you will give a Knife present to any of the gift superstition, then he/she will believe that the time will break your relationship with him/her.

When it comes to New Year gift-giving, you will come across a number of superstitions. These superstitions have diverse versions for sure. Some people are carrying the superstitions of their ancestors and passing them to their next generation. They don’t even know the reason behind these superstitions; still, they pass them to others.

On the other hand, some families have oldies who tell them the tales of gift-giving. If you ask questions about these superstitions, then they might just say, “don’t know! My grandmother told me!”

If you are concerned about gift-giving superstitions, then no problem! At the moment, we are going to mention diverse legends and superstitions about gift-giving. Keep them in your mind while choosing gifts for your loved ones. In this way, you will be able to make your loved ones happy instead of worried about the New Year’s Celebration.

1. Knives And Tools

A knife is a useful thing. It is an everlasting and durable gift. Whenever the gift-receiver uses it, he/she will remember you. Similarly, diverse tools and swords like Axe, Scissors, Shovels, Slingshots, Bows, Machetes, Sword Canes, Daggers, and Shields will also be Good New Year gift for your friend or family member. However, all types of knives, tools, and swords are considered bad luck.

Knife present

According to the superstition, the Knife present can break the relationship between the gift-giver and receiver. The way to stop this problem is to tape the penny to the knife. The receiver should instantly tape out the coin and give it to the gift-giver as a symbolic payment. This payment will not allow any problem or bad luck coming between the two. Some people even say that the knife is purchased in this way, which releases the giver and receiver from any harm.

This rule applies to all types of knives, tools, and swords. The gift-giver must tape up a coin to the knives, tools, and swords. The receiver should give it to the giver. This is the perfect way to avoid bad luck.

2. Opals

The superstitious people consider opals as unlucky gemstones when it comes to the Gift superstitions. It is imperative to avoid opal presents at the New Year’s celebration. However, you can give it on any event or occasion like a birthday, wedding or engagement ceremony.

According to some superstitions, opals can only be given to the people who were born in October. Opal is known as the birthstone of the people born in October. Due to this reason, the negative vibes will not affect them.

If you give them to any person born in any other month, then he/she will die soon. In accordance with some legends, if a husband gives opal to his wife as a gift on New Year, then he will die in that year. 

3. Hankies

There are some gift-giving superstitions that are correct. One of them includes the hankies. Giving hanky as a gift indicates tears to come. In France, a man should never give his love a handkerchief of silk cloth. Otherwise, the handkerchief will wipe away love from her heart for the man.

New Year gift

4. Cats

In Italy, the superstitions say that one must never give cats as a gift to the newly married or engaged couples. It can cause sudden death or breakup. Also, it is imperative not to give anything in the cat shape like a fluffy cat toy. It can be a threat to the receiver’s life. Instead of New Year, you can give a cat or cat-shaped present to your loved ones. In some cultures, it is symbolized as pure love.

5. Shoes

Shoes are also not considered as a good New Year gift. Giving shoes as a gift brings hurdles in the career of the person. In Rome, people believe that the shoes will make the receiver walk away from the giver.

However, Venice people consider that if you will shoes as a present to your loved ones, then you will be shoeless in your afterlife. Therefore, it is better not to give anybody shoes as a New Year’s present.

6. Giving And Taking Back

It is unfortunate to give a gift and then take it back from the person. It does not matter for what purpose you want the gift back; you simply should not do it. You are welcoming bad luck in all matters of your life if you take the gift back.

According to legend, a boy Jimmy took books back from his sister Jenna which he has given her as a New Year gift. Within two months, Jimmy committed suicide because he was facing difficulties in every walk of life.

7. Portraits

If you are interested in portraits, then you should hold on. Portraits bring bad luck to both the giver and the receiver. It does not matter if you are receiving or giving a portrait of yourself or any other thing, bad luck will come to you.

Gift superstitions

In Greece, portraits were considered as treachery sign. Therefore, it is better to avoid any type of portrait at the celebration of the New Year.

8. Unfortunate Shades

Some shades can bring bad luck. For that reason, the shade of the gift and its cover matters a lot. Receiving or giving away black-shaded gifts will not just bring bad luck but death.

Similarly, the gift or gift cover of red shade can break the relationship. According to legend, red shade symbolizes anger.

9. Coal

In old times, coal was placed among the gifts of New Year. It was considered a symbol of luck and fortune. The gift receivers should first spit on the coal, throw it into the fire and then make a wish. In this way, the gift becomes lucky for the receiver, and the wishes come true.

However, with time, some people saw the opposite. For that reason, they stopped placing coal into the stock of gifts and considered it a bad thing to keep at home on New Year’s Eve.

If you are thinking to keep coal at your house or take it along on the New Year’s Eve, then don’t do it. If you do it, then you will be bringing bad luck into the house all by yourself.

10. Roses

There was a time when roses were a famous gift among lovers. They were linked with passionate love and affection.

However, diverse shades of roses have diverse things to say. If you give red roses to your loved ones as a gift on New Year, then these roses will bring luck.

New Year 2019

In case you give away other shades of roses, then they will bring bad luck. For instance, the white roses can bring dark powers into the life of the receiver. Johnson Crane once said, “A rose of the wrong color can bring destruction.” So, you have to pay attention to the shade of the roses if you want to give it as a gift.

11. Gloves

Gloves also signify bad luck. If you give them to your family member or friend, then it will create issues between you two. Similarly, receiving or giving presents while wearing gloves can break the relationship.

12. Flowers

Giving flowers as a present seems lovely. But, if you are giving it to the New Year celebration, then it is not a good idea for sure. On New Year 2019, a resident of New York gifted his pregnant wife white lilac. In the first week of 2019, she had a miscarriage. The people who heard this incident blamed the flowers.

According to legend, different flowers have different effects. The white lilac took away the child.

13. Parsley

Parsley attracts negativity. Because of this reason, the gardeners grow them in three sowings. The two are left for the evil spirits, and one can be used by the gardener.

New Year gifts

If you give parsley to the one you love, then you are putting his/her life at risk. It will attract negative energy and evil spirits, which may even take the life of the person. However, if your friend wants to have parsley from you, then it is better to steal it to avoid bad luck.

14. Metal

There are some metals like steel that are strictly forbidden as a New Year’s present. Only a few of them are the ones who bring joy and fortune to the gift receiver. Some of them include zinc and pewter. If you give away gifts made up of these metals, then they will bring happiness and luck to the life of the receivers.

15. Feathers Of Peacock

A bunch of peacock feathers is not a Good New Year gift. It is unfortunate for the receivers. If you are not sincere with anyone, then you may give away peacock feathers as a gift. According to the Gift superstitions, the peacock feathers appeal to the evil eye. They can cause separation, death, loss of money, or things.

How To Avoid Bad Luck If You Are Superstitious?

For all those people who are superstitious, we have mentioned above 15 things that you should not give away as gifts for New Year. You can avoid bad luck for yourself and your loved ones by avoiding all of the above items.

Nonetheless, there are diverse other dos and don’ts that you should remember to avoid bad luck. You should not walk under the ladders, do not sit at the corner of the table, and do not let the black cat cross your way.

If you want to appeal the evil eye, then these are the dos for you. Instead, to bring luck, you should get a rabbit’s foot. In earlier times, people used to have rabbit’s foot at their homes to bring wealth. One more thing you can do, throw a pinch of salt in the fire to ward off bad luck.


People of different cultures know different Gift superstitions. If you are superstitious, then you must pay attention to these superstitions and do according to them. In this way, your mind will be at peace. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy your New Year Celebration to the fullest.