ASG Mk13 Mod 7 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

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MK13 Compact Sniper Spring Rifle licensed by ASG is the fully revised civilian version of the MK13 MOD 7 which is used by US Marine sections such as MARSOC and other Special Forces groups on the battlefield.

It comes out of the box ready to use with a top-dead-center (TDC) design hop-up chamber and a fully VSR compatible internal, outrunning most of the sniper rifles in terms of consistency and accuracy. The MK13 is said to improve your ranges by at least 300 feet taking it beyond 1000 yards and has a heavier .300 Winchester Magnum caliber which increases your weapon’s muzzle velocity. The gun is also equipped with a very powerful day optic which provides greater magnification range and identification of the enemies at greater distances. Instilled your enemies with fear with MK13.

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Top features:

  • Licensed Accuracy International markings are engraved onto the stock and receiver for unmatched authenticity
  • Anodized aluminum Keymod rail system
  • Aluminum outer barrel
  • Steel flash hider, can be used with quick-release silencer.
  • Polymer & aluminum stock chassis
  • Folding stock with adjustable cheekrest & buttpad
  • QD sling sockets
  • Keymod-mounted bipod stud
  • Equipped with a very powerful day optic known as the Night force Advanced Tactical Riflescope.
  • Spiral-fluted steel cylinder with steel cylinder head
  • CNC-machined aluminum piston with glide rings & steel base
  • Ported piston head with impact-absorption pad
  • Steel spring guide with bushing
  • 90 degree steel trigger system
  • New style CNC-machined aluminum TDC hop-up chamber with steel arm
  • Inner barrel stabilizing rings
  • VSR-10 compatible for most internal parts

Manufacturer: ASG
Model: Mk13
Length: 940mm
Weight: 3800g
Magazine capacity: 50 rounds
Muzzle velocity: ~440fps
Thread direction: anti-clockwise
Hop up: yes, adjustable


Gun Caliber:6 mm (.24 cal)6 mm (.24 cal)6 mm (.24 cal)
Ammo Type:AirsoftAirsoftAirsoft
FPS:400 to 450400 to 450400 to 450
Power Source:Spring-PistonSpring-PistonSpring-Piston
Magazine Capacity:505050

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