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Batons are a very effective psychological deterrent. Military personnel, law enforcement and security industry people need batons for their self defense. If you are an investigator or undercover operator and want to buy ASP batons online, shop with We have all types of batons with wide array of selections offered at the best prices.

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ASP Tactical Batons for Sale

The ASP batons are very well-made weapons when compared to others available in the market today. These batons are outstanding in their performance, quality and durability. Most of the law enforcement people choose the best ASP batons for their protection as it can be easily be carried and are readily available. These batons are made up of high quality materials and they do come with excellent craftsmanship and great functionality. The ASP batons are manufactured in United States and are made with rust-resistant and non-reflective material. They feature patented foam vinyl grips which provide increased retention and durable hold for this product. These batons are quite simple and unbelievably strong at

We provide our customers the best quality product with better balance when compared to the conventional models. It is available at 16, 21 and 26 inches of length. It does not have any sharp edges and hence it will not cut the clothing or assailant. We never deliver any product without testing; ASP batons are also tested under the most severe conditions and proved that these batons are "virtually indestructible". ASP batons usually come with lifetime warranty. They come with a good finish.

We at also sell the best collapsible batons of ASP brand. They are made with high quality chrome and aluminum substances. Each expandable baton design offers 4140 striking power. The aluminum batons come with 40% reduction in weight than the traditional batons, yet it retains 98% of the striking potential of its older models.

Each of ASP P Series Baton is made as per the quality specifications and hence it is adopted by many police professionals of above 80 countries all over the world. We also have police baton for sale at