Bates USMC Hot Weather Boots

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Bates Hot Weather combat boots are certified by the United States Marine Corps, so you know they're tough. Constructed from Wolver Warrior Leather with Scotchgard protection, they're guaranteed to protect your feet and keep you cool in desert terrain. The polyurethane midsole and cushioned inner sole provide extreme comfort, even during all-day hikes.

Why choose these boots?

  • Oil, Stain and Abrasion-Resistant leather/nylon upper
  • Breathable moisture wicking inner lining
  • Equipped with DuraShock comfort technology
  • Slip-resistant Vibram rubber outsole provides all-around traction
  • USMC globe and anchor logo approved for wear with Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform

Why not?

  • Not designed for cold weather
  • Not waterproof

Pro tip:
Moisture wicking fabric is designed to pull sweat from the surface of your skin to the exterior of the fabric. This allows your sweat to quickly evaporate without soaking into your clothing.


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