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If you are passionate about camping, hiking or any other outdoor activities, you may need adequate camping gears for your comfort and safety. You can buy top quality gears of Bear Grylls online at unbelievable prices in For travel, adventure or play this clothing range certainly scores high. Camouflage brings you the exclusive range of clothing from Bear Grylls.

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Bear Grylls has plenty of collections in camping gears such as fire starter, survival kit, folding knives, fixed blade knives, machetes, multitools and sharpeners. Fire starter is a self-contained unit which is small and compact in size. This product comes with an emergency whistle. It is waterproof and hence it is safe and dry to use. It is built durably to use for longer period.

We at also offer Canteen water bottle with cooking cup of Bear Grylls brand. This product comes with a BPA free water bottle as well as a food grade aluminum cup. The water bottle comes with a protected nylon covering and a leak proof lid to prevent spilling and is very durable and best product to use on a daily basis. The cup has two handles and it is suitable for boiling water.

We have Bear Grylls survival kit which is specially designed to include all the basic items needed for an emergency situation. This kit comes in a rip stop nylon material bag with waterproof zipper. It has totally 8 items- emergency whistle, fire starter, mini Gerber Paraframe knife, cotton ball fire tinder, wire snare, waterproof matches and emergency cord.

We provide the best Bear Grylls Knife Sharpener which comes in a smooth yet hard plastic cover to avoid cuts. The handle of this sharpener is constructed with rubber material and it has a good holding grip at any weather conditions. It is compact and fits even in your pocket. We also offer Bear Grylls knives, torches and machetes at very cheap prices. Check here for survival kits, knives, machetes and many more.