Bear Spray 225g w/ Glow In Dark Safety

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This bear spray is proven to be the most effective deterrent in any sudden bear encounter.  It comes with a glowing orange safety that makes it clearly visible and operable even in extreme darkness.  The canister empties in approximately 8 seconds to get you covered at up to 9 meters.  The dual propellant formula will create a massive barrier between you and the attacking animal, letting you easily slip away without causing permanent harm to the bear.


  • Easy to Locate: glow in the dark safety wedge
  • 1% Capsaicin, 1.84% major capsaicinoids - strongest formula allowed in Canada
  • Effective range - 9 meter range (better coverage due to heavy fog spray pattern)
  • Spray time - 5.6 seconds
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Will not cause permanent damage to the animal
  • Non-Flammable formula
  • Dual propellant system reliable to -15°C
  • Weight 225g - 0.31kg (0.86lbs)
  • Canister size - Height- 21.59cm (8.5") Diameter- 5.08cm (2")
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Backed by ISO 9001:2008 Certification and HPLC Guarantee
  • Eliminates the 30% failures the University of Utah found in other pepper spray products



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