Stylish Beretta Air Rifles with Full Loading Feature

Beretta has been a leader in the firearm industry for nearly 500 years. Its iconic M9 and Px4 pistols are proven combat weapons with proud service records on every continent. Our high quality airsoft, pellet and BB gun replicas are made with the same precision as their Italian originals. Check out the licensed Beretta M92 and M84, manufactured by Umarex. They are reliable pistols for target practice and cost less than a day at the range.

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Audacious Gun Models with Sleek Design and Attractive Look

The Beretta air pistol models are designed with highly effective form factor and elegant design, yet looking highly thrilling and aggressive. All models resemble genuine touch and multiple round sessions. The vivid design and easy features make these guns stand out of the crowd. Each model has been tested by the experts' and passed through quality tests to ensure total safety and security of the gun models.

The material used in the Beretta BB gun models is plastic, aluminum alloy and amalgamation of various plastic fibers to ensure the durability. However, the design of each model ensures its sophistication while being used. The models are based upon the spring ejection technology; CO2 powered pistols feature and extra potential best fire mechanism. Each model has been tested for its reverse jerk safety feature to minimize the safety and security of the user.Every gun is provided with sleek and attractive leather cover with stylish packing and hanging belt. The whole package reaches the targeted customer within a few days of the online purchase ensuring full satisfaction. Many models are fitted with the detachable sight vision, magnifying binocular, red dot sight vision and so on. Guns are available with multiple rounds of the rotary magazines. Many models are fitted with adjustable trigger for sophisticated use. The models are perfect for day to day use, for safety and security features or shooting practice.