Camouflage makes the best quality BB pellets, which complement the high quality BB pellet guns you would be using. Because of our determination to pay attention to details and because of a very strict quality control that we follow in the production you can be rest assured that these pellets will not let you down.

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Blank Gun Pistols from Camouflage

When you need a blank pistol, you come across a number of choices - while there are several companies making tall claims about the durability and perfection of a gun. However, there are very few who can actually live up to the promises they make. We as a company have been in the trade for a long time now and know a customer's requirements well for blank pistol guns. Therefore, the products we offer are from the best brands like Rohm, which never fail to deliver.

A Great Variety of Uses

There are a number of reasons why you might need a blank-firing gun. Whether you need the loud bang for starting races, training dogs, or for re-enacting military campaigns, you can find the right type of blank gun here at Camouflage.

A Company That Is Committed To Quality

Apart from understanding your requirement, we take into account every single detail which goes into making a gun, right from the design stage to post-production testing. This turns into a product which will serve you for many years, with good aim and a great range. They are great-looking too, making you a proud owner of a reliable gun.