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Brushless design motors are a real revolution in the field of airsoft guns tuning.  The installation of a brushless motor will raise the performance of your replica to a new higher level with enhanced reliability, efficiency and performance since they wear out much slower than the traditional brushed one and they are able to generate higher torque without wasting energy.  In addition, these are “drop-in” components means they can go inside your gun easily without any complicated operations.


  • Brushless AEG motor
  • Integrated MOSFET unit allows for unparalleled control
  • Direct plug-in installation, third wire built into assembly
  • Voltage protection is lower than 5.5V and higher than 13.5V
  • Battery low voltage protection 2CELL is lower than 6V 3CELL is lower than 9V
  • Temperature protection up to 100 Degrees Celsius
  • Stall protection (when the gear is damaged or other reasons cause the motor cannot be pushed smoothly)
  • Direct integration with X-ASR MOSFETs
  • Compatibility: For Airsoft AEGs that utilize a long type motor
  • Warning: As per manufacturer, reliable function with aftermarket computerized electronics has not been confirmed and so is not recommended.


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