Bulb - Mag Charger Halogen

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Magcharger Replacement Bulb charges can be used in cars or at home. These bulbs operate on A/C or D/C current. The overall length of the bulb is 12- 19/32 inches, barrel diameter of 1 9/16 inches and head diameter is of 2- 5/16 inches. The weight of the magcharger replacement bulb with battery is 32 oz and without battery it is 18 oz. The battery life is around 2.5 hours and battery voltage output is 6 volts. Total five batteries are required each ½ the size nimh pack. It is backed by Mag’s limited lifetime warranty in western hemisphere and 10 years limited warranty at other places.


Overall length: 12 19/32"
Barrel diameter: 1 9/16"
Head diameter: 2 5/16"
Weight w/out battery: 18 oz
Weight with battery: 32 oz
Peak beam candlepower: up to 51,700 (previous was only 30,000)
Battery life continuous on-time: up to 2.5 hours
Battery voltage output: 6 volts
Battery required: five (5) 1/2 d size nimh pack (nickel metal hydride)
Backed by mag's limited lifetime warranty in the
Western hemisphere (10 year limited warranty elsewhere)
Includes: mag charger flashlight, charging cradle, nimh rechargeable battery pack, (2) mounting brackets, 120 volt ac converter, mobile power adapter (12 volt), and a back-up halogen lamp is stored in the tail cap.


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