Bushrag Ghillie Pack And Suit

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The First Backpack That Converts Into A Ghillie Suit Backpack Fabric Ghillie Suit Completely Detaches From The Backpack Backpack Has Padded Shoulder Straps & With Back Support Durable Carry Handle Separate Compartment To Carry Extra Supplies Straps & Drop Down Pockets For Rifle Or Bow Transforms Into 4 Different Ghillie Suits: Stalker Ghillie (full Body Coverage) Tracker Ghillie (complete Upper Body & Head Coverage) Sniper Ghillie (upper Body Head & Full Back Coverage) Tactical Ghilliie (head & Partial Upper Body Head Coverage).


Material Specs: 100% Polypropylene
Printable: Yes
Color: Woodland Camo


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