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Camo Hiking Sandals

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Camouflage hiking sandals from Woodland is offered with features such as olive drab cushioned inner sole and canvas upper. The upper features a hook and loop closure to hold it firmly in place. The outer rubber sole is a combination of black and olive drab colors. These hiking sandals are especially designed to offer enhanced comfort and ankle/feet support for the wearer. Woodland hiking sandals are made to withstand environmental vagaries and can be used in rough terrain. They offer hikers protection from rocks and other rough elements and also absorb shock. These sandals are known for providing ankle stability and exceptional arch support.


Material Specs: Canvas Upper, Rubber Soles
Gender / Age: Adult
Material: Rubber, Canvas
Weather: Hot Weather
Closures And Fasteners: Hook and Loop
Product Origin: CHN
Printable: No

SpecificationWoodland, Size 1Woodland, Size 2Woodland, Size 3Woodland, Size 4Woodland, Size 5Woodland, Size 6Woodland, Size 7Woodland, Size 8
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