Ultra Force Tri Color Desert Camo Fatigue Cap

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This cap is constructed with cotton and polyester mixed twill. This design is based on the camouflage pattern. It comes in various sizes- XSmall, Small, Medium, Large and XLarge. You can choose a size with respect to your head size. When you calculate your head size, you have to round the measurement. This will help you to purchase a cap that suits your head comfortably. A tight cap may make you feel inconvenient. Hence you have to be cautious while selecting a cap size. This cap will suit both men and women. Also, you can wear this cap for any outfits.


Colour:Tri-Colour DesertTri-Colour DesertTri-Colour DesertTri-Colour DesertTri-Colour DesertTri-Colour Desert

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