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Canvas Ammo Shoulder Bag

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OD Ammo Shoulder Bag offers a convenient way to carry your Ammo, gear and other tactical items. It comes with many compartments, which make it easy to keep your things separately and gain access to each item easily. It features two outside pockets with hook and loop closure for added comfort and safety. You can keep your stretch book, ipod and phone chargers in these pockets conveniently. Heavy duty cotton canvas used to make this shoulder bag ensures long lasting reliable performance. It is a handy travel bag that allows you to keep your gears and Ammo closely to you.


Product Origin: IND
Material: Canvas
Closures And Fasteners: Hook and Loop, Buckle
Printable: Yes
Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 4
Material Specs: canvas

Colour:BrownWoodlandOlive DrabBlackKhakiSmokey Branch Camo

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