Force Tappen Cargo Short

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Lightweight, yet strong 7-ounce, 100% cotton ripstop fabric is known for its durability
FastDry technology wicks away sweat for comfort so you can stay focused on your day
Stain Breaker allows stains to wash out easily
Cargo pockets keep items close at hand while the right-leg zipper pocket keeps items secure
Comfortable gusseted crotch for freedom of movement while you work
Hidden hook-and-loop back pocket flaps and cargo flaps to keep items from falling out when bending

SpecificationGravel, Waist 30Yukon, Waist 30Tan, Waist 30Asphalt, Waist 29Gravel, Waist 31Yukon, Waist 31Tan, Waist 31Asphalt, Waist 30Gravel, Waist 32Yukon, Waist 32Tan, Waist 32Asphalt, Waist 31Gravel, Waist 33Yukon, Waist 33Tan, Waist 33Asphalt, Waist 32Gravel, Waist 34Yukon, Waist 34Tan, Waist 34Asphalt, Waist 33Gravel, Waist 36Yukon, Waist 36Tan, Waist 36Asphalt, Waist 34Gravel, Waist 38Yukon, Waist 38Tan, Waist 38Asphalt, Waist 36Gravel, Waist 40Yukon, Waist 40Tan, Waist 40Asphalt, Waist 38Gravel, Waist 42Yukon, Waist 42Tan, Waist 42Asphalt, Waist 40Gravel, Waist 44Yukon, Waist 44Tan, Waist 44Asphalt, Waist 42Gravel, Waist 46Yukon, Waist 46Tan, Waist 46Asphalt, Waist 44Asphalt, Waist 46
Size:Waist 30Waist 30Waist 30Waist 29Waist 31Waist 31Waist 31Waist 30Waist 32Waist 32Waist 32Waist 31Waist 33Waist 33Waist 33Waist 32Waist 34Waist 34Waist 34Waist 33Waist 36Waist 36Waist 36Waist 34Waist 38Waist 38Waist 38Waist 36Waist 40Waist 40Waist 40Waist 38Waist 42Waist 42Waist 42Waist 40Waist 44Waist 44Waist 44Waist 42Waist 46Waist 46Waist 46Waist 44Waist 46

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