Cell Phone-Iphone Solar Charger

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Being a solar charger, it does not depend on any power supply. It’s a great piece of equipment that helps you stay connected; ideal for trekking, camping, or adventure tours, where a power source would be hard to find. It can be very useful in an emergency as well. The charger is compatible with most mobiles, Ipods and Iphones, and can be connected even to other devices like videos and touch players. It takes a charging time of around eleven hours. This utility item comes with a few great accessories, which include a USB, a discharging cable, and six interchangeable connectors.


Always be connected
Charge in sunlight in 11 to 13 hours
Solar panel charges in direct sunlight in only 4-5 hours
Rechargeable lithium battery charges on your pc in just 2 hours
Includes 1 usb and 1 discharging cable, 6 interchangeable connectors
Blister carded
Fits most motorola v66, motorola v3(i), samsung a288, nokia 6101, sony ericsson k750 and iphone 3g type cell phones
Also charges ipod nano, video and touch players


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