Cheap Place VIP Very Immense Penis Patch

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Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to be a VIP? Have you ever wanted to live a VIP life? If you answered 'yes' to either of these questions, you might want to take a look at this embroidered patch and then rethink your answer. The VIP – Very Immense Penis patch gives a whole new meaning to the term VIP.

A person who sees this patch on your jacket or vest could take it one of two ways. Either you have a VIP, or you are a VIP. And if it's the second one, that could be taken in two ways as well. Are you a very important person, or a... well, you get the point? No need to get into all the gory details. One way or another, wearing this patch in a prominent place is sure to get some attention.

It's funny how certain words get people all riled up. The money word here is nothing more than the biological term for a male body part. It's used in medical settings all the time, and no one bats an eye. But utter it, print it, or embroider it on a piece of twill fabric with 100% rayon thread and you suddenly have a problem. People are strange.

If the word 'penis' doesn't bother you, we suspect this particular embroidered patch probably tickles your funny bone to some degree. You would wear it on your clothing just because you can, without blushing. Good for you. Order one for your jacket, another for your vest, and one more to sew to the back of your jeans. Then buy five or six more and pass them out to friends. They'll either think you are a VIP or that you have one. Keep them guessing, right?


  • Dimension: 4x1.5 inch
  • Color: Black / White
  • Fabric: Twill
  • Backing: Clear Plastic Iron on Backing
  • Borders: Clean-Cut Embroidered Borders for Easy Sewing
  • Patch Style: Text Only
  • Material: Twill Fabric. Plastic Backing with Japanese Iron on Glue. 100% Rayon Thread Synthetic Embroidery.

Tips for Ironing on Patch: Plug in iron. Crank it to the highest setting. Place the iron on top of your garment with a frying pan thermometer sandwiched between the iron and garment to start the preheating process. Once the temperature reaches 280 Degrees Fahrenheit unplug your iron. The temperature will continue to rise and then start to decline. Once it declines to 280 Degrees Fahrenheit, Slide the iron, place your patch and put the iron on top of your patch, and press as hard as you can for 30 seconds without moving the iron around. Do not mess with the patch until it has completely cooled down. Do not iron on patches to Leather or Nylon!


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