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Cirrus Hooded Fleece Jacket

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Heading out into the great outdoors? Wrap up in the Cirrus Hooded Fleece Jacket. It will give you the energy to go that extra mile. Due to its thermal efficiency and lightweight construction, skiers, mountaineers, hikers and climbers can use this jacket as a mid-layer on chilly days or as a top layer when it gets warmer. To elevate the performance of tech fleece, the jacket is designed with an adjustable hood and thumb holes that keep out wind. Hand, chest and sleeve pockets are all zippered and give the wearer plenty of room for carrying personal items. For increased ventilation, the jacket features a full length zipper in the front.


Material: 100% polyester
Sizes: S - XXL

SpecificationBlack, SmallHeather Grey, SmallBlack, MediumHeather Grey, MediumBlack, LargeHeather Grey, LargeBlack, XLargeHeather Grey, XLargeBlack, XXLargeHeather Grey, XXLarge
Colour:BlackHeather GreyBlackHeather GreyBlackHeather GreyBlackHeather GreyBlackHeather Grey

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