Availability: In Stock
Brand: Umarex

Manufacturer: Walther
Quantity: 2 cylinders
Capacity: 90 grams
Powersource: CO2

Walther's 88g CO2 is the ideal power source for Walther Airguns and other air pistols and air rifles that shoot pellets, BBs, rubberballs or paintballs. Air pistols like the Walther P99 RAM (Real Action Marker) paintball gun and air rifles like the Beretta CX4 Storm and Hammerli 850 AirMagnum perform at their best when using Walther CO2.


  • Made to tight tolerances
  • Anzahl glass elements per capsule will depend on the air gun
  • Doesn't get dirty to gun air valves
  • CO2 capsules are designed for compressed air air pistols and rifles
  • Designed for a perfect fit
  • 225 – 2534 Umarex Walther CO2 Cylinder – 88 g, 2 Pack
  • Cleans co2. not dirty your gun air valve.


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