Cold Steel Chieftans Sax Fixed Knife

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Forged out of high carbon steel with a hard spring temper and satin polished it boasts a “broke back” blade profile where the line formed by the spine rises then falls abruptly to the point of giving the illusion of a clip point bowie knife while actually predating the bowie by many centuries! Since the Chieftan’s Sax is meant to be a weapon first and a tool a distant second it comes with a modestly sized brass guard that serves to keep the fingers from sliding forward on to the blade while offering a modicum of protection from opposing weapons. But it is the handle of the Chieftan’s Sax that we are especially proud of. Intricately hand carved in deep relief in link pattern that is visually stunning and compliments the matching brass guard and pommel. Each Chieftan’s Sax comes with a period correct brown leather scabbard with brass accents, a leather laced seam and period correct leather carrying straps!


Handle Material:Wood
Sheath Material:Leather Scabbard
Knife Edge:Plain Edge
Handle Length:5.65"
Mechanism:Fixed Blade
Steel:1055 Carbon
Blade Length:13.25 inch
Blade Thickness:0.157"

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