Compact 8 X 21 MM Binoculars

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UF10280 Black compact 8 X 21 mm Binoculars are made with brilliant precision, quality and durability. These are one of the favorite binoculars among amateurs and professionals. These are suitable for those who need a compact and small yet high powered binocular. This is ideal for wide range of uses from hiking to theatre to backpacking. These are manufactured using latest technology. The unique style and design makes these binoculars more attractive. These are ruggedly built with black color housing to withstand rough handling and harsh climatic conditions. These are water proof and can be used with tripod for hand free observation. There is no doubt; Black compact 8 X 21 mm binoculars will readily suit your requirement as well as your budget.


Material Specs: Rubber armored roof prism


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