Condor Tactical

8 Inch Leather Tactical Boots

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These boots are made for walking. Whether you are hiking through mountains, muddy swamps, or treacherous jungles, the Condor 8 Inch Leather Tactical Boots will keep your feet comfortable and dry. The genuine leather material comes with AQUASHIELD waterproof bootie membranes for maximum moisture resistance. The durable boots feature a knit fabric inner lining and polyurethane sole.

SpecificationBlack, Size 7Black, Size 7.5Black, Size 8Black, Size 8.5Black, Size 9Black, Size 9.5Black, Size 10Black, Size 10.5Black, Size 11Black, Size 12Black, Size 13
Size:Size 7Size 7.5Size 8Size 8.5Size 9Size 9.5Size 10Size 10.5Size 11Size 12Size 13

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