Condor Tactical

Cipher Elastic Waist Band Pants

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Long days on the trails call for comfortable clothing. The form-fitting Condor Cipher Pants are made of lightweight and stretchy nylon material, making them perfect for hiking trips, urban exploring, and tactical missions. The black fabric is quick-drying, and features articulated knees and a gusseted crotch for increased mobility.


Materials: 97% nylon
3% spandex
Pocket Lining: mesh

SpecificationBlack, Waist 30x30Charcoal, Waist 30x30Stone, Waist 30x30Khaki, Waist30x30Black, Waist 30x32Charcoal, Waist 30x32Stone, Waist 30x32Khaki, Waist30x32Black, Waist 30x34Charcoal, Waist 30x34Stone, Waist 30x34Khaki, Waist30x34Black, Waist 32x30Charcoal, Waist 32x30Stone, Waist 32x30Khaki, Waist32x30Black, Waist 32x32Charcoal, Waist 32x32Stone, Waist 32x32Khaki, Waist32x32Black, Waist 32x34Charcoal, Waist 32x34Stone, Waist 32x34Khaki, Waist32x34Black, Waist 34x30Charcoal, Waist 34x30Stone, Waist 34x30Khaki, Waist34x30Black, Waist 34x32Charcoal, Waist 34x32Stone, Waist 34x32Khaki, Waist34x32Black, Waist 34x34Charcoal, Waist 34x34Stone, Waist 34x34Khaki, Waist34x34Black, Waist 36x30Charcoal, Waist 36x30Stone, Waist 36x30Khaki, Waist36x30Black, Waist 36x32Charcoal, Waist 36x32Stone, Waist 36x32Khaki, Waist36x32Black, Waist 36x34Charcoal, Waist 36x34Stone, Waist 36x34Khaki, Waist36x34Black, Waist 38x30Charcoal, Waist 38x30Stone, Waist 38x30Khaki, Waist38x30Black, Waist 38x32Charcoal, Waist 38x32Stone, Waist 38x32Khaki, Waist38x32Black, Waist 38x34Charcoal, Waist 38x34Stone, Waist 38x34Khaki, Waist38x34Black, Waist 40x30Charcoal, Waist 40x30Stone, Waist 40x30Khaki, Waist40x30Black, Waist 40x32Charcoal, Waist 40x32Stone, Waist 40x32Khaki, Waist40x32Black, Waist 40x34Charcoal, Waist 40x34Stone, Waist 40x34Khaki, Waist40x34Flat Dark Earth, Waist30x30Flat Dark Earth, Waist30x32Flat Dark Earth, Waist30x34Flat Dark Earth, Waist32x30Flat Dark Earth, Waist32x32Flat Dark Earth, Waist32x34Flat Dark Earth, Waist34x30Flat Dark Earth, Waist34x32Flat Dark Earth, Waist34x34Flat Dark Earth, Waist36x30Flat Dark Earth, Waist36x32Flat Dark Earth, Waist36x34Flat Dark Earth, Waist38x30Flat Dark Earth, Waist38x32Flat Dark Earth, Waist38x34Flat Dark Earth, Waist40x30Flat Dark Earth, Waist40x32Flat Dark Earth, Waist40x34
Colour:BlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiBlackCharcoalStoneKhakiFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark Earth
Size:Waist 30x30Waist 30x30Waist 30x30Waist 30x30Waist 30x32Waist 30x32Waist 30x32Waist 30x32Waist 30x34Waist 30x34Waist 30x34Waist 30x34Waist 32x30Waist 32x30Waist 32x30Waist 32x30Waist 32x32Waist 32x32Waist 32x32Waist 32x32Waist 32x34Waist 32x34Waist 32x34Waist 32x34Waist 34x30Waist 34x30Waist 34x30Waist 34x30Waist 34x32Waist 34x32Waist 34x32Waist 34x32Waist 34x34Waist 34x34Waist 34x34Waist 34x34Waist 36x30Waist 36x30Waist 36x30Waist 36x30Waist 36x32Waist 36x32Waist 36x32Waist 36x32Waist 36x34Waist 36x34Waist 36x34Waist 36x34Waist 38x30Waist 38x30Waist 38x30Waist 38x30Waist 38x32Waist 38x32Waist 38x32Waist 38x32Waist 38x34Waist 38x34Waist 38x34Waist 38x34Waist 40x30Waist 40x30Waist 40x30Waist 40x30Waist 40x32Waist 40x32Waist 40x32Waist 40x32Waist 40x34Waist 40x34Waist 40x34Waist 40x34Waist 30x30Waist 30x32Waist 30x34Waist 32x30Waist 32x32Waist 32x34Waist 34x30Waist 34x32Waist 34x34Waist 36x30Waist 36x32Waist 36x34Waist 38x30Waist 38x32Waist 38x34Waist 40x30Waist 40x32Waist 40x34

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