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Cobra Tactical Belt

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Condor's Cobra Tactical belt is the comfortable, ergonomic solution for your load bearing needs. The Condor CTB is equipped with AustriAlpine's patented Cobra Buckle system that gives you up to 2000 lbs of tensile strength with a quick release capability. Our belt ends are resin-treated to prevent pre-mature fraying and duability. Our CTBs are five row stitched to prevent sagging while you wear it with a heavy load.


13/4 Inch nylon webbing (7000lbs tensile strength)
Cobra buckle (2000lbs tensile strength)
Resin treated belt ends to provide durability
Five rows of stitching to increase belt stiffness

SpecificationBlack, SmallTan, SmallBlack, MediumTan, MediumBlack, LargeTan, Large
Actual Colour:BlackTanBlackTanBlackTan

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