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Maxfort LS Training T-Shirt

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Lightweight moisture-wicking T- shirts firmly hold on to their winning position. They remain at the peak of popularity and there is every reason to believe they won’t give it up. It is a convenient, inexpensive and practical item of clothes. Condor Maxfort LS Training Top is best of breed. It withstands heavy daily use, be it an intense workout or active outing. Moisture-wicking polyester training t-shirt underwent antibacterial anti-odor treatment for extra comfort and high performance. It’s hard to imagine an adequate replacement, isn’t it?

SpecificationOlive Drab, SmallBlack, SmallTan, SmallNavy Blue, SmallOlive Drab, MediumBlack, MediumTan, MediumNavy Blue, MediumOlive Drab, LargeBlack, LargeTan, LargeNavy Blue, LargeOlive Drab, XLargeBlack, XLargeTan, XLargeNavy Blue, XLargeOlive Drab, XXLargeBlack, XXLargeTan, XXLargeNavy Blue, XXLarge
Colour:Olive DrabBlackTanNavy BlueOlive DrabBlackTanNavy BlueOlive DrabBlackTanNavy BlueOlive DrabBlackTanNavy BlueOlive DrabBlackTanNavy Blue

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