Condor Tactical

Scout Tactical Shorts

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The Condor Scout Tactical Shorts will help you transition between the great outdoors to more urban settings in the blink of an eye. You can dress them down for outdoor sports, a BBQ in the backyard, or a day by the pool. The durable shorts stand up to heavy wear, allow great airflow, and are easy to care for. The classic cut shorts have an extended 11" inseam.


Material: 8 oz polyester/cotton
Size: Waist 30 - 40

SpecificationBlack, Waist 30Khaki, Waist 30Black, Waist 32Khaki, Waist 32Black, Waist 34Khaki, Waist 34Black, Waist 36Khaki, Waist 36Black, Waist 38Khaki, Waist 38Black, Waist 40Khaki, Waist 40
Size:Waist 30Waist 30Waist 32Waist 32Waist 34Waist 34Waist 36Waist 36Waist 38Waist 38Waist 40Waist 40

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