Cotton Rip-Stop Boonie Hat

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Classic Military Style Boonie Hat's are functional & fashionable and made to government specifications. These Boonie Hats feature 4 screened side vents, loops woven into the sides for leaves and branches and an adjustable chin strap and are made from a 100% cotton rip stop material which makes the hat resistant to tearing and ripping.


Material Specs: 100% Cotton Rip-Stop
Components: 4 screened side vents, loops woven into side

Colour:KhakiWoodlandBlackOlive DrabKhakiWoodlandBlackOlive DrabKhakiWoodlandBlackOlive DrabKhakiWoodlandBlackOlive DrabWoodlandBlackOlive Drab
Size:76 3/46 3/46 3/47 1/47777 1/27 1/47 1/47 1/47 3/47 1/27 1/27 1/27 3/47 3/47 3/4

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