CXP-APE R SF1 Stock Airsoft Rifle

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Type: AEG EBB Airsoft.
Manufacturer: ICS
Materials: Mostly Metal/Aluminum.
Weight: 6.4 pounds (2900 grams).
Length: 25.2 inches folded / 32.5-36.2 unfolded.
Hop-up: Yes adjustable.
Propulsion: AEG EBB (Electric Blowback).
Action: Semi & Full Auto single action only electric trigger.
Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 300 rounds.
FPS: 460 fps.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ICS CPX-APE SF1 AEG Airsoft Rifle is pretty much like most AEG Electric trigger operated Airsoft Rifles. Usually mid range, light and with no real noticeable raelease point since it is an electric on and on switch at the end of the day and not really mechanical. Of course you can elect between semi and full auto operation at will.

Accuracy: I have not done my actual Field Test Shooting video review for the ICS CPX-APE SF1 AEG Airsoft Rifle but plan to tackle this video next on my list so this week for sure, stay posted of this one as I have not Field Tested any ICS Airsoft Rifles to date and really don’t know what to expect!

Build Quality: The G&G ICS CPX-APE SF1 AEG Airsoft Rifle is extremely well made as the price tag would suggest. You are going to find metal almost everywhere on this product including the all aluminum upper receiver. The only plastic I could find on the ICS CPX-APE SF1 AEG Airsoft Rifle was in the magazine and the folding butt stock. Everything else is metal/aluminum including the upper and lowe receivers, the sights, the rails and all of the controls. Fit and finish feels great as-well!

Realism: The ICS CPX-APE SF1 AEG Airsoft Rifle is not a replica so to speak of any one particular gun in production but does have some AR and perhaps SCAR attributes to it. Perhaps there needs to be a real steel version of this gun as it does combine a bit of the best of a both platforms. The ICS CPX-APE SF1 AEG Airsoft Rifle is sold for sure with great weigth and feel to it being that it is mostly metal. All the controls work exactly like you would expect on a the real powder burner and you can totally take this Airsoft rifle apart in just a minute or two with virtually no tools.


  • Mostly metal construction with full aluminum upper receiver.
  • Tons of rail attachment options with the 5 sided Keymod rail hand-guard.
  • Fully adjustable pop-up iron sights.
  • Most everything is ambidextrous: Selector switch, Magazine release, Charging handle, Sling mount.
  • Rear folding stock has tons of positions, 6 in length and 5 for cheek rest.
  • Super easy access to everything, hop-up, gear box, inner barrel, outer barrel.
  • Electric blowback system for slight recoil effect.
  • T-window in magazine for quick ammunition checks.
  • FPS is nice and high, great for longer range shooting.


  • On the expensive side but very high quality.
  • Limited battery options as space for a battery is tight.
  • May have a bit too high of fps for closer quarter indoor Airsoft games.

Comments: The ICS CPX-APE SF1 AEG Airsoft Rifle is not an inexpensive product and may be a bit out of touch for Airsofters on a tighter budget. That said it is really well thought out and well built Airsoft product that is ready to go with no real upgrading required. You may want to show on an optical or red dot sigh, perhaps a tac light or fore grip? Nothing you need right away. There really isn’t one thing I can point out that makes this gun so great, it is a combination of everything. when it comes down to it the ICS CPX-APE SF1 AEG Airsoft Rifle kind of has it all going for it. I am looking forward to seeing just how well it performs during my Indoor Field Test. I have high hopes!


Gun Caliber:6 mm (.24 cal)6 mm (.24 cal)
Ammo Type:AirsoftAirsoft
FPS:400 to 450400 to 450
Gun Material:Full MetalFull Metal
Power Source:ElectricElectric
Barrel Length:26.7 cm (10.5 inch)36.3 cm (14.3 inch)
Gun Blowback:Non-BlowbackNon-Blowback
Magazine Capacity:300300

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