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These are gorgeous little bread bags courtesy of the Czech military. They're made of sturdy canvas material and are in good military surplus condition. Please select from the two different styles:

With wooden toggles | It was once used by soldiers to carry gas masks so it features a few small compartments which would prove useful to anyone—soldier or not. It's got an extra strap halfway up, do with that what you will. The shoulder strap is long, sturdy, and adjustable. The pack measures 9" x 3" x 11" and weighs less than a pound. The canvas material is thick and the construction is robust. It's a solid bag that will last you a lifetime.

With Insignia Buttons | Like the other pack, this small "bread bag" features a smaller hip strap as well as the main shoulder strap. This pack measures 11" x 3" x 8" and weighs under one pound. It's made of the same sturdy canvas material. The closures on this bag feature the Czech military insignia. 


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