Day of the Dead Skeleton Face Jewels

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We're a big fan of Dia de Muertos. Unlike Halloween which is all about the scare factor (with a healthy helping of candy and fall things tossed in), Dia de los Muertos is all about remembering those gone in a celebration of their lives. Everything is bright and colorful, with stories and music and food galore, people dancing in the streets, and costumes to die for! We're all for this Mexican holiday, and we don't know about you, but we're hyped to join in the festivities.

In order to join the festivities properly, we're going to learn some wicked dance moves, cook up some tasty treats, decorate sugar skulls, and doll up ourselves to match! If you're looking for something bright and festive for Dia de Muertos, check out these Day of the Dead Face Jewels. These jewels come in five different colors in a variety of shapes and sizes. They have a sticky backing which means they are easy to apply. Apply them on your skin or over makeup for an even more festive look. Put these on and you'll be the prettiest skull in the streets! Or in your living room. Whichever suits you really..


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