Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

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This kit helps you to clean .17 to .45 caliber rifles and handguns as well as .410 to 12 gauge shotguns. It comes in an aluminum carrying case with the dimensions of 1.7 x 12.1 x 7.9 inches. This cleaning kit contains 10 brushes- 10/12 gauge brush, 20/28 gauge brush, .410 brush, .45 caliber brush, .40 caliber brush, .357/.38 caliber/.9MM brush, .17 caliber brush, .30 caliber brush, .270/.280 caliber brush and .22 caliber brush. It has 5 mops for cleaning- 10/12 gauge mop, 20/28 gauge mop, .410 mop, .357/.38 caliber/.9MM mop and .22 caliber mop. Two rods (.17-.45 caliber pistol/ rifle rods and shotgun rods), two brass accessory adaptors, cleaning patches, 2-slotted tips, a shotgun handle and a pistol/rifle handle are also there in this cleaning kit.


Dimensions: 1.7 X 12.1 X 7.9
Material: Aluminum


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