Deluxe OD Hammock

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A Hammock is a swing made with ropes of polypropylene or nylon netted together and have two thick ropes which can be tied to tough stand poles or trees to form a broader form of swing. A Hammock is mainly used to sleep above the ground and they are more useful while camping at places. It is also used in the outer areas of houses for relaxation and to enjoy sleeping in the open and above the ground. The deluxe OD Hammock fulfills all these features as it is resistant to mildew and has wooden frames at its ends making it very durable.


Color: Olive Drab
Dimensions: 80 x 30
Material: Polypropylene, Wood
Material Specs: heavy duty polypropylene ropes, wooden spreader bars Product Origin: TWN


Colour:Olive Drab

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