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Digital Camo Bandana

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Bandanas are simple cloth accessories for the head. It does the main function of protecting the hair and is also used as a style statement. This is a jumbo sized cloth made of 100 % cotton and can cover the head when tied around it. The superior quality of the fabric makes the bandana very comfortable when worn and also keeps it long lasting. The design on the bandana is trendy and goes on well with other clothing attire. It is worth the buy for the reasonable price it costs and can complete the typical military type clothing.


Dimensions: 22 inches x 22 inches
Material Specs: 100% Cotton

SpecificationDesert Digital Camo, One SizeACU Digital Camo, One SizeWoodland Digital Camo, One SizeSubdued Urban Digital, One SizeMidnite Digtial, One SizeCity Digital, One SizeSky Blue Digital, One SizeRed Digital, One Size
Colour:Desert Digital CamoACU Digital CamoWoodland Digital CamoSubdued Urban DigitalMidnite DigitalCity DigitalSky Blue DigitalRed Digital
Size:One SizeOne SizeOne SizeOne SizeOne SizeOne SizeOne SizeOne Size

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